About Me


Hi! My name is Kelsey [Faye] Keith and I am a junior at Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg VA. I am an Art History major and Museum studies minor and aim to showcase my work on this platform.

I am captivated by the intricate dance of “actions” and “reactions” that define human history, and there’s no better way to study this dynamic than through the lens of Art History. Whether it’s classic or contemporary, you’ll find me ready and willing to discover the stories hidden in art.

Museum studies have always had my heart, and I hope to explore avenues to pursue this passion further. My focus in Museum Studies zeroes in on collections —I’m dedicated to the preserving and curating of artifacts.

Outside the classroom, I’m vice president of the photography club, where I use the lens to explore visual language in my own way. You’ll find me drawing, writing, and creating whenever and wherever I can.

This platform is where I plan to showcase my work. It’s a space for sharing and discussing the intersection of art and history.

Pictured: Me, walking in front of a photography exhibit, at the Hirshorn Gallery in Dc. I am at far left with my camera. Black and White.