Levitt by the Sea Exhibition

This exhibition showcased the work of the Modernist artist Alfred Levitt (1894-2000) during his summers in the artist colony of Gloucester, Massachusetts. As a class, we curated a mixture of en-plein-air and studio pieces that displayed his experimentation in the 1940s with newer European styles of Cubism and Surrealism, while also capturing the working waterfront and landscape of Gloucester as inspiration.

Through his art, Levitt transformed familiar seaside images into visually challenging and thought-provoking compositions, asking the viewer to closely inspect the intricacies of each scene. Displayed in the Ridderhof Martin Gallery at my university, this collection of almost thirty works is a love letter from Levitt to the creative spirit of Gloucester and his memories of his summers spent there.

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Audience Engagement Activity

To promote the exhibition, we were grouped into teams of three classmates to organize an audience engagement activity outside the gallery. In line with the beach theme, my team and I conducted a “Sand-bottling” activity. Participants signed up and created their own colorful, whimsical sand bottles, adding sea shells and small notes inside. Additionally, we collaborated with another group that offered a watercolor activity, attracting visitors to the gallery for inspiration from Levitt’s art. After the activity, we prompted guests to fill out a survey which gauged their satisfaction with the event.

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